Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drinks

    • Specialty Drinks

    • Blu Hawaiian

      our spin on a popular island creation with Malibu Coconut

    • John Daly

      sweet tea vodka infused with Louisiana sugar cane combined with pink lemonade

    • True Blu

      Barcardi Razz, orange vodka, pink lemonade, with a splash of Curacao

    • Lynchburg Lemonade

      Jack Daniels Honey with sweet and sour lemonade

    • Jose Strawberry Lemonade

      our famous strawberry lemon crush made with Jose Cuervo

    • Hoop Tea

      locally crafted flavored tea 3.5% abv

    • Jameson's Arnold Palmer

      the classic blend of iced tea and lemonade with an irish touch!

    • Orange Cosmo

      Refreshing summer drink, orange vodka, cranberry sierra, with a splash of lime

    • Upside Down Pineapple

      a unique tropical libation brought to you by the hard work and taste testing of our own bar staff

    • Pink Hawaiian

      three olives coconut water vodka, cranberry, and ginger beer

    • Three Olives Cucumber Cooler

      a classic vodka tonic made with cucumber lime vodka and domain canton ginger liqueur

    • Malibu Scorpion Bowl

      the perfect rum punch to share at 32 oz. and a flaming 151 floater just for fun!

    • Pina Colada

      served in a real coconut cup, the cup is yours to keep!

    • Dirty Banana

      Kahl√Ľa, ice cream, and a touch of banana come together with spiced rum and other spirits, finished with chocolate swirl

    • Bartender's Blend

      our bartender's drink of the week brought to you by Bacardi usa

    • Raspberry Delight

      Citron, black raspberry, cranberry, and sierra

    • TEAchers Pet

      Crown Apple, peach schnapps, and sour mix

    • Oyster Shooters

    • Casino

      local oyster, bacon vodka and George's bloody mix

    • Spicy

      local oyster, pepper vodka and George's bloody mix

    • Bloody Oyster

      local oyster, George's bloody mix, and vodka

    • Sangria

      White Sparkling Peach or Red Pomegranate

    • 60 oz Pitcher

    • Glass

    • George's Bloody Marys

    • Traditional

      George's award winning bloody mix

    • Breakfast

      made with bacon infused vodka

    • Spicy Pepper

      made with peppercorn infused vodka

    • Old Bay

      made with George's old bay bloody mary mix

    • Cucumber (Three Olives)

    • Crushes

      Fresh Squeezed Fruit with complementary flavored liquors

    • Orange

    • Watermelon

    • Grapefruit (Three Olives)

    • Strawberry Lemon

    • Bourbon Crush (Evan Williams)

    • Pineapple (Bacardi)

    • Margaritas

    • Mango (Cuervo)

    • Margarita Crush (Cuervo)

    • Strawberry (Cuervo)

    • Ultimate (Patron)

    • Mules

    • Cucumber Lime Mule

    • Strawberry Lime Mule

    • Tennessee Mule (Jack Daniels)

    • Mango Mule

    • Wheatley's Moscow Mule